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We convert websites from Figma to Webflow, manually controlling each stage. Unlike automated options, Figma2WF conversions come with no code bloats or unnecessary load.

We work with Figma and Webflow since 2020. Outside Figma2WF, we are Belov Digital Agency - a team of super-skilled digital experts, recognized around the world. We offer Webflow and WordPress development & maintenance, web design, and branding - come check our agency’s website.

We value ethical web development - and we practice what we preach.

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Building websites that work for you

Great loading speed metrics

Figma2WF ensures that even the most colorful and interactive pages will be loading lightning-fast.


However awesome you are, you need people to find you. That’s why we make sites fully SEO-ready.

Quick launch

Waste no time on waiting if you can get your website faster with Figma2WF!

Top-performing backend

Figma2WF guarantees no unnecessary load on the backend to ensure your site’s health.

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